Your Unrepentant Word in God

‘And Elijah the Tishbite, of the inhabitants of Gilead, said to Ahab,

โ€œAs The Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not

be dew nor rain these years, except at my word.โ€‘I Kings 17:1

New King James Bible

I wonder, if Elijah was ever tempted to retract his words regarding Israel when the brook dried, or perhaps when he saw that his new divine helper was a widow who also DESPERATELY needed help – and a little rain would have improved situations some… What stood out for me and Leroy tonight, was that he didn’t.

When God speaks His word through us, and we echo it, it has consequences that sometimes touch even us. Sometimes – adversely so. But His words are NEVER idle; they ALWAYS bring a harvest…THE WAY HE INTENDED THEY DO. God’s mouthpieces OFTEN have to stand in faith through all manner of adversity, however long He has set His clock for the manifestation of these.

If God spoke through you, once, and its affecting you in a way you did not foresee it doing; if there is this push for you to step back from these for ‘sanity to prevail‘ over your circumstances; just know, that kind of ‘sanity‘ is UNDERSTOOD by heaven as foolishness. For it stands against the fear of The LORD.

God is writing a beautiful story through your stand in Him – despite what it looks like today, you may get to see your prayers answered by e.g. miraculous provisions and astounding resurrections. Be still.


In The Image and Likeness of God

When you realize, that you are not defined by what happened, what you did, what they did to you, what you or someone else said, your grades, your job or absence of one, your debts or affluence, your marital status (or statuslessness ๐Ÿ˜), your house (or homelessness), your dress-code (or nakedness), your squares, triangles or circles, your health status, who talks to you or who snubs you, who loves or who hates you, how shabbily or honorably they treated you, etc: you forgive all these because THEY WERE PERCEIVED OUTSIDE THE MIND AND WORD OF GOD.

Sarah laughed when God stated that He saw her as mother of nations. She was old and barren from her perspective and that of others, had even forgotten (sic) the pleasure of the process that proffers hope towards motherhood ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜. But God. He lifted her to that state where she shed her old robes, opened up ‘the ancient gates’, received the seed in pleasure, birthed Laughter (the name ‘Isaac’ means ‘he laughs’) and enjoyed this joy for the rest of her life. Jesus moves legs when we conform to His Mind regarding us…and that’s one true miracle.

Remember the man by the waters. He too lay defined amiss by the illusion of his circumstances – for 38 years. But God. Through Jesus Christ showed up and did not scurry about stirring ANYTHING. He simply told him to pack his stuff and walk. Because He saw the man as he had always been – with legs that moved. And when He raised this man to His perspective, the man realized who he was in his image in God’s Eyes. He stood up knowing that in Christ, those ancient legs would carry him wherever God led him. He wasn’t healed then…it has ALWAYS been so with him. But his un-redeemed mind pointed to the illusion of experience, that was outside The Truth of God.

He raises you to meet His Eyes, and you see yourself as He ALWAYS has AND ALWAYS WILL – HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. There is no greater triumph – He is not rushing about to remake you or provide for you in panic and distress. He did it from the beginning of time…and Then, He rested. As will you. In Him. Will you believe Him? Will I?



Eve’s Friend Nahash

There was a time, way back at the beginning, when dangerous predators were an unknown phenomenon. When being a serpent, evoked trust even comfort from Man. When human beings could confide in serpents…and take their counsel…and run with it. Am wondering if much has changed though…

In those days, Eve had a husband. A friend of God. A man like God. A godly man. She also had friends among creation…after all she was Queen. She reigned over all creation along with her husband. Kings and Queens have each other, as spouses; then they have confidants. Sometimes, these are other people – outside their marriages. I don’t know if Eve’s Friend Nahash was male or female – it didn’t really matter. What did, is that Nahash had Eve’s ear, and her trust.

But Nahash secretly hated Mrs. Adam, because both she and her hubby were an embodiment of what s/he wanted to be – God – but could never be. Mr.and Mrs. Adam looked like YHWH…and it went beyond looks, they were like Him. And ooohhhh this gnawed and grated at Nahash. He (the s/he narrative is a bit confusing; let’s just decide Nahash is a ‘he’…because, well…so we can move on with the story…but put your thumb where I said that it had the trust and ear of Eve…because that part matters and holds till now) could have easily eaten them…whole…and satiated his movie hunger with the image of God, at the very least, in his belly. But remember beloved of God, that back then, predators were an unknown phenomena. Right?

So Nahash did what he was best at: he talked. He knew Eve loved to listen. So he indulged her. And she was indulged. Comfortable. Relaxed. But as she listened, she begun to become discontent with her state of affairs. They needed a powerful subject to their conversation…to keep it flowing. And Who could be as Powerful as YHWH. His words alone made things…people. His breathing alone, even when they were not formulating words, sustained her very own life. Her’s and Adam’s. And when this Breath made a word๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ…well, just look around you. Look in the mirror๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿฝ.

But as Nahash spoke, something peculiar begun to happen. It was no longer beautiful to be in the garden. She wanted more. She caught onto Nahash’ vanity…she too wanted to be like God. He chattered on, and as she listened, it slipped her mind that she didn’t need to do anything else to be LIKE GOD. She ALREADY WAS. That’s WHO she was created to be. She both LOOKED and was LIKE God – ALREADY. But gifted speakers have a way of making you one with them – forgetting what you already have, and swindling you into reaching out for it, but THROUGH THEM.

Nahash had shared his decadent wisdom with Eve, and then subsequently with Adam. What was the point of limitations and boundaries if they were truly blessed of YHWH? How could they claim to be privileged, if He kept one thing from them. Yes, they had EVERYTHING else. They were excellent, they had the adoration of God Himself – He LOVED them. They ruled, they reigned, and God established their words (they forgot this too, in that moment. They were like God…so their words…). Nahash dropped his Mic, and with this act, decay, death, destruction, depravity, depression, dissatisfaction, disease, discord… stepped in.. pointing Man’s destiny away from YHWH.. towards the devil. But God.

Back then…there were no predators. Back then…serpents were considered worthy of the trust of Man. Everything could be trusted. Every one. But then came one day; and with that day, a friend called Nahash. And when dusk came, everything changed. Adam and his missus lost their blessed place – became technically homeless to the degree they had until then, understood HOME to be. And Nahash was thrown out along with them.

Let me ask you beloved of God, do you listen to the hissing of serpents to give you guidance on how to live for God? The rest, as they say is history… But God. But for The Grace of God.



*Na’hash is the Hebrew name for the Serpent…means hisss

If I am a Man of God

Reading: 2 Kings 1

You and I are Holy Ground. We are temples, altars and embassies of non other than The Living God. Or are we? We are men and women of a nature contrary (read. Holy) to the world. We are not called to conform to it’s (the world’s) standards, to make sense to sojourners who insist that this life is all there is and are adamant to be god’s themselves over The Living God: we are called to be maddeningly peculiar, in offence to their very thought – rising to The Mind of God unabashedly, flagrantly, manifestly walking how His Mind leads us to; away from beaten paths so that others too may submit to Loving and Fearing Him with their very breaths – because we have.

When God called us to take up our crosses, and follow Him, we stepped immediately into The Way which could not be walked with one foot tenaciously committed to the paths already walked aside from Him, and at the same time to the one behind His Footprints. This would have torn us to such a degree that even the ones who would never be born stood as more privileged than ourselves. And yet, if we are honest, this is the gait with which we have attempted to walk our pilgrims. Limping in orderly disorder. Rendering ourselves the nails, no, the claws of The God we refuse to submit to, to try scratch those committed to bowing to Him into our style of rebellion.

We come at them with our masses and artillery, our boasts of authority over them, even when we have witnessed God’s fiery backing of them against those like us, in previous times. We think we would be the difference. To bring them bound, wounded, limping, defeated, and in contempt of God’s words to and through them, as our morbid trophies back to…to whom? To whom would you turn such a one who ALREADY was in a conformity that you, operating as a committed sojourner to this world and it’s vanities, cannot even begin to comprehend: a conformity to The Living God?

But God does heal the lame. He still does. The ones determined to stand in offence against Him and His, He unapologetically consumes. The ones who understand that their morbid limps do not intimidate His reign, and come in submission to Him, He honors. He consumes still, with His Love, His Truth. Remember that next time the shouts of “Come down here and go with us” by that proud earthbound battalion attempt to overwhelm God’s Majestic and Heaven-bound declaration: “Come up here and see what MUST happen.” You represent The Unrepentant, Indiminishable, Unrelenting Word of God. You are His Dwelling Place, His temple, altar, embassy. ‘They’ learn Who He Is, by how you hold Him and His commands to you, even when they target their death missile your way. The fire that consumes them from heaven, will become for you who lives to perpetuate His honor entrusted to you, a carriage homewards. Even to Him. In a fiery Blaze of Divinity. Of Glory.

Even so, come LORD Jesus.


Cents for Your Eternity

A friend of mine and I were fellowshipping deeply over a four hour call early Sunday morning. I was having one of those nights where you are extremely fatigued but your body just won’t sleep. In her part of the world it was early evening so we just ‘keshered‘ away over Jesus Christ and His exploits in our individual lives.

She shared with me an interesting story from her childhood. She had two older brothers and a doting father. On Sundays, he would give them money for the offering basket. Each of her brothers would get 10 cents, but she, the apple of Dad’s eyes, would be given 50 cents. Now… I know many of you have no idea what am talking about; let me explain this. The 10 cent coin was the largest of coins in the Kenyan currency in the early 70s, and the 50 cent the tiniest. But it was worth five times more than the 10 cents. Simple arithmetic really. She didn’t know that however, and would howl for a ten cent too. Her Father seemed to be discriminating against his girl child ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚.

I know you are wise, and clever too, and have understood where I am going with this. People tend to make other people feel that their 10 cents is worth more than the 50 cents God has given them. Sometimes we don’t even need other people to help us with this ๐Ÿ˜, we judge by our eyes. And that’s always a foolish thing to do. Always. Eyes are good for many things, and am grateful to God for mine. But they don’t always tell you the full story at a mere glance.

Yesterday, my son and I were reading from 1 Kings 13…the beautiful and yet heartbreaking story of the mis-mentoring to death of a young prophet. In one day he trusted God: begun by obeying Him fully, and witnessed the hand of a powerful king shrivel before him, when the king tried to harm the prophet for his obedience. [Read the story for yourself beloved – you will understand what am talking about.] God had given him simple instructions; “go by one way, say what I have told you to say, run off by a different route AND DO NOT EAT ANYTHING THERE!” As long as he obeyed God, his 50 cents as it were, stood tall above the 10 cent pomp of a gloriously decaying darkness. BUT THEN ๐Ÿ˜ขthe day progressed and all that excitement of powerful moves of God, and answered prayers that spoke of God’s favor over his life probably wore him down. He sat a while and that’s when another mighty older prophet of God showed up.. to redirect him towards 10 cents…FOOD ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿฝ๏ธ๐Ÿฅ›.

Its interesting how eating in certain places is such a distraction from the instructions of God…from the day of Adam and Eve. And than you could ask Jacob’s twin Esau about this one too. And that other guy who died after being fed with friendly fire, by a woman who proceeded to pin him down with a tent-peg. How even when God has shaken the heavens and earth for you, in front of you, some things just seem…more filling. Irresistible.

I wonder if what was in the menu that day was worth dying for…loosing your relationship with God over… potentially his eternity with God over. I doubt that there was anything. But he turned back and went and ate. Then God’s words of judgement flowed through the one he had chosen to believe over Him. And the rest is just sad…and mysterious. So what’s the 10 cents that’s causing tremors in your life, that won’t let you just…savor the immeasurable joys of Heaven’s menu that has been laid out by The King of kings and LORD of lord’s for you? Is it worth dying for? Is it worth an eternity in hell over?Shalom.#JusticeinJune#ByTheWordOfGod#TheLORDISmyShepherd


A few years back, I got to spend several hours at a labor ward with a close friend whose husband was away on a trip. It was revealed to me then that the labor ward has a lot of lessons for those who wait in prayer in The LORD.

I learnt that because you get in first, does not mean that you get out first or at all, or even get blessed first. Sometimes, one looses their expectation at this crucial time.

I learnt that, in the labor ward, modesty of dress and manner is really not priority. The less you have on, the easier it is to remove, the better you will be attended to. Ignore those that mock you in your birthing hour…they are the ones who are inappropriate.

I learnt that when you pray for release, and the pain seems to increase, and your groans seem to choke up your prayers, God is still in charge, and at His exact timing, He answers your prayer according to His Will.

I learnt that sometimes the more human assistance you require and receive at this crucial place of birthing, the longer it takes you to heal from the trauma of it all.

I learnt that when you hold the answer to your prayers in your arms, it is often very difficult to remember what you just went through; and if you focus on the past, it keeps you from enjoying and worshiping God for the breakthrough you have received.

I learnt that something you go through may be potentially fatal, but does no harm to you or your blessing – but one may be harmed in seeming safety.

I learnt that you may be in the same situation with another in the ward, even groan at the very same time, but that even when someone is there to hold you, the pain still is very personal…and cannot be numbed simply by being in like company.

I learnt, that God raises who He Wills to intercede for your birthing experience, that others may want to be there for you, but are kept out because He is The Writer of your story. You cannot make it happen, because though there for you, they are not really there for you…but for themselves.

I learnt that the intercessor will notice others that suffer like you, but because they are called to stand with you, they can not stand with the others there too. Not in the way they are with you anyway.

I learnt that you may know its time, the intercessor may know its time, but it is God who moves the mountains to work in agreement with His timing for you.

I learnt that in labor ward, it helps to focus on the task of birthing. Just that.

I am grateful that God raised me, and strengthened me and moved me to be in a place of His revelation, then rested me afterwards.


‘They’ Narratives

Mary, walked up to the door of the tomb, and finding no body there, concluded that ‘they’ had taken Him to an undisclosed place. She called the brothers, and they too looked in ‘and believed’. What did the brothers believe? I guess, from their surprise later on in this chapter, they too were sold onto the fact that ‘they’ had taken Jesus Christ’s Body to an undisclosed place. And you know, in their defense, it fitted the script well. ‘They’ had, after all, killed Him to try kill His Story. What else could it have been? What other story could there have been at the doorway of the tomb, other than ‘they…’? But God.

I had never seen this story the way I did today. That sometimes what we see with our own eyes, and call in others to attest to, to corroborate our story, is not even factual. And yet we perceive that…we are witnesses. Reliable witnesses. But God. He has His Story. Its also interesting that in an attempt to cover up the truth, the soldiers were paid (somewhat compensated) to spread a story in which the ‘they’ in the story now pointed back to Jesus’ disciples. Also an untruth…just like the first one. You see, it does not matter who is saying what is untrue…it remains untrue.

Just checking on my, and your ‘they narratives’: could there be another story that belies what you, myself and others have been convinced of, have accepted as true? Even when The Truth Himself stands before you. But God…


Then they said to her, โ€œWoman, why are you weeping?โ€She said to them, โ€œBecause they have taken away my LORD, and I do not know where they have laid Him.โ€ John 20:13

Sneaking in a Covenant

#Covenantย #Gibeonitesย #GodofCovenantย #CovenantKeepingGod

“Even though God had not desired of Israel to make a covenant with the Gibeonites, He held Israel responsible to be faithful to it.” Norbert Link and Bill Grams

I am learning a tough class in this season – the kind that puts the fear of God in you, wounds and then heals you. I am learning that God is not really flexible about covenant. No not really. He takes His words serious and expects of us – has indeed loaned us of His Strength – His Might to do the same. We are expected to be on guard over our mouths and watch what we promise others – and even when we have been caught up by the rush of the moment, to release ourselves only by Way of The Redeeming Covenant.

There are these ancient people – and sometimes they are us now – called Gibeonites. They are very good at getting you to agree with them without your having all the facts. You are genuine, they are fearful of you (or the prospect of doing life etc. without you) so they figure out ways to get you to say things you should never say. e.g. ‘I Will…’. Have I said in this post that God is serious about Covenant? If I haven’t, let me just say it here again, for my own sake at least – “GOD IS SERIOUS ABOUT COVENANT”. When we enter into covenant rashly both sides suffer – and greatly so.

So once a king of Israel, their impressive very first king, allowed it to enter his mind that there was an exit clause in which he could do away with the other party – the sneaky Gibeonites – and it would be considered and excused as Kingly so it would not count as the breaking of covenants [and all the other excuses we have for sneaking in a covenant dissolution without consulting God and the other party…]. This king, allowed it to slip from his mind [as we often do] that he was ruler among his brethren, and that he was a parent and grandparent – and more so that God did not share the frailties of man’s ability not to remember the promises he has made, and that He [when referring to God the H is in Caps] – God – Out-began and will Out-end us. So it took three years of a nation’s severe hunger, and restitution which meant the routing out of seven of a dead kings’ flesh and blood to make things right for an entire nation.

Covenants – broken promises, have a way of sneaking in and holding entire nations, families in terrible places. So today – if it means putting on your mask and running very fast for thirty minutes away from the other party as you listen to God’s counsel about the bond you are about to enter into – that alliance – do what it takes. It is far better believe me to look ridiculous now than…yes it is far better. Don’t put yourself in a place where neither God nor yourself ever wanted you to be. Shalom.

Scripture Reference: Joshua 1:3-27, 2 Samuel 21, Isaiah 30:1

“if you have been trapped by the words of your lips, ensnared by the words of your mouth, then do this, my son, to free yourself, for you have fallen into your neighborโ€™s hands: Go, humble yourself,a and press your plea with your neighbor. Allow no sleep to your eyes or slumber to your eyelids. Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter,like a bird from the snare of the fowler.” Proverbs 6:2-5

#OpenYourEyesย #ThereisYetHopeย #WeHaveaRedeemer

Christmas by a Child

…And a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6



Never have the words of the above scripture verse been as true for my household as it has been this past few weeks. And such a true delight. But particularly in the last few days. Christmas this year has been difficult to celebrate – not because of the debates around its origins and the true dates of the birth of The LORD Jesus Christ ( I am one of those who are of the opinion that dates are details when it comes to this – the fact that He came, and the impact of His coming to me and mine, and indeed the larger Household of God are worth celebrating) but just how the year 2019 has been.

December came with many still reeling from the year’s devastating whirlwinds. Particularly with grief over loss of loved ones and property, and heavy questions about the morrows…what, where and when. God was not really silent for us, but seemed to be over the issues that stabbed continually at our open wounds. Fatigue came, with it a sense that we were walking through the surreal…indeed the unreal, because storms were not known to run this intense – this long. But it was in this month that each member of my household found themselves seeking God together in late night prayer meetings. The most awake, and the most active during these beautiful encounters with God has been our ‘little one’.

It was he that shouted out his prayers (I wonder why toddlers rarely speak in low tones) and decided the order of service – including who prayed when. His thoughts over the scriptures we have read as well as his prayers have been simple and profound. So much so that we would giggle as we ‘Amen’ed at his pure and selfless requests. He had heard that God had a birthday coming up so his daily prayer would be “Heavenly Father…Your Birthday. Give us a party.” The rest of us were concerned about rent, bills, food and fees – the usual culprits – BUT GG wanted a party – A Birthday Party for God. Ok…
Christmas midnight found us in prayer, and led by him, we sung the birthday song for Dear Jesus and then went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later wondering what to do about God’s Birthday party. I was not really in a party mood. I had spent the last two days with my aunt and family over the loss of my cousin Sussy – whose funeral is this Friday. I was also thinking about those with no homes in Kisii, Tassia, Pokot, Nyando and the various places in Kenya for whom December had meant burials etc. I actually intended to engage in a fasting prayer for the nation but God spoke up and said ‘Not Today.’. There was not a drop of food in the house so I got up, bathed and went out to hunt. Driven by the Spirit inspired prayers of a little child. By the time he and his mum were up, breakfast was available. Leroy and I are early risers.
It was a slow day, but Gio was determined to jump-start it by dragging about the box that had the Christmas decorations from yester-years begging us to put up the lights and blow balloons until we gave in at around 4pm. And then he honors our efforts by drawing us all in to marvel at the lights as we sung again ‘Happy Birthday Dear Jesus’. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever lived through a more profoundly meaningful Christmas ‘party’ than this one.
God bless my little drummer boy. God bless the little child. God bless you for honoring God, with either a fast or a feast ton this day that is dedicated to Him. Amen.


Our Child Went Missing

69433603_888739851485226_5182694137949847552_nMy Song of Praise today (EXTREMELY LONG TESTIMONY ALERT) : I have not slept much in the last two days. For different reasons, but last night it was because my heart and mind actively remained in a state of worship and praise. Let me share why:

Yesterday – early afternoon – my daughter Shukri left the house to take a walk. She needed time alone to clear stuff on her mind. Gio – my grandson – and I relaxed inside a duvet to watch a cartoon movie as we waited for her to return. I had been writing until around 5am, so i appreciated this time for a series of short power naps. My phone was on a charger beyond my reach so i temporarily ignored the text that came in but then it begun to ring. It was Shukri.

“Mami, please call me back!” I loaded my phone with units wondering what this was about.
“Mami, I have run into Aunty Kitty. She is crying. Leroy has been missing since Sunday. They have not found him and they don’t know what to do. Please come.”

I shot like ten rapid questions at her trying to understand what she was saying but what I now remember is saying “Ok I am on my way.”

I showered quickly – my friend Kitty is extremely keen on things like that๐Ÿ™ƒย – dressed and left. I had called her first, but she wept mostly and I cried with her before telling her that I was on my way. I started getting that ‘floating feeling’ and prayed “God, please lead me to Leroy so I give Kitty good news when I see her.”

I went to the road but our regular bodaboda (motorbike taxi) guys were not there. I flagged one down, but he wanted too much money for the distance I was going. All this while God kept me in His deep, perplexing peace. I talked to everyone i met on that road – asking if they may have seen him, describing him, telling them to bring him to where we stayed or to the police station if they saw him. I was feeling very light headed and a bit wobbly on my feet and I realized that my BP was getting dangerously high. From the back of my head I noticed a bodaboda heading the opposite direction and called out to him.

We agreed on the fare and I hopped on telling this stranger my mission as I did.
He said “Haiya, I saw him. On Sunday afternoon. He was headed towards Soweto – Kayole. He had on a grey track trouser and green shirt and he behaved as though he was a little out of his mind. I remember him.” (Leroy lives with autism)

Ok…what are the chances…God was already answering our prayers. We met with Kitty, hugged and cried a bit and then Denno the bodaboda guy (God bless him…please bless him) repeated his story. Kitty showed him Leroy’s photo and he confirmed that that was the child he had seen. They exchanged numbers…just in case, and we released him.

We held hands and prayed then decided to walk to Kayole – hmmmm none of us had any idea how far that was (actually I did but my brain was on autopilot…) – as we walked we talked to anyone we met, familiar or not. At one point we got to an apartment building whose caretaker is fondly nicknamed ‘Odiero’. I shared our story with him. A well-dressed man was seated next to him. They asked for our contact details just in case and promised to tell others as well. The well dressed gentleman said to us “We will look but you must also know that some Kenyans are not good people and may ha…” I stopped him there. ” I need for Mama Leroy to be strong…so I understand what you are saying, but we cannot listen to you.”
“But I am just saying so that you know. Some…” I stopped him. Said thanks to everyone and we – Kitty, Shukri and I went on our way. He who has ears…you know we meet well-meaning people like these in our individual pilgrims and sometimes, unfortunately, are them.

We got to where we currently live, and met with a group of pastors who are my immediate neighbors. They told us to go to Soweto Police station as that is where he would be if anyone found him. They also advised us not to ‘catch feelings’ if the police were rude to us – they would be just testing us to see if we genuinely cared. We agreed and took two bodabodas – one with Shukri and Kitty and the other with me (I am wide load – not able to shareย ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

The ride over the sewage flooded Soweto bridge with its murky green waters brought terrifying thoughtsย ๐Ÿฅบthat I quickly pushed back “God, I KNOW that You are leading us to Leroy. You will not let us down.”

We got to the police station and were warmly received and served by the police officers we found. They too assured us that he would be found. Kitty’s Mum had joined us. She had been searching all of the previous night and all of this day, everywhere including in hospitals. The police told us that if anyone had found him, he would most probably be at a children’s home. We passed by the now closed chief’s camp and begun our walk through the slums of Soweto, looking for Leroy, looking through the children’s homes. One after another, they wished us well but said he had not been by.

Finally we got to one called ‘By Grace’ now in Kayole. The lady received us as she continued to cut vegetables. We repeated Leroy’s details and she looked straight at me and said he had been brought in the morning by police. “You must be his mother – you look exactly the same.” I smiled and shook my head and pointed at Kitty’s retreating back…she was weeping again.

“I was not able to take him in because I was full but I want to assure you that he is well and safe.” She continued. ” I could tell that he was not a street child but a well cared for one who baths every day” she said smiling gently.

We thanked her and went to look in the two police locations she had pointed us towards: Komarock and Mihang’o. We had no idea where those were but if Leroy had found his way there, so would we. Outside the home though, we met a friendly “Mama mboga” (Lady vegetable seller). She strongly advised us to first of all pass by the DO’s office as that was where such cases were first reported. She almost physically hauled us into a matatu…God bless you dear angel.

We got to the DOs and linked arms as we walked to the reception of the small police post. Kitty kept telling me “We will find him here.”

We repeated our story to the kind looking female officer…and the two others with her in the booth. She smiled and turned and picked her phone talking as she did. I cannot for the life of me remember what she was saying…just that Leroy was safe. She called a lady who still happened to be in the compound. Susan Owuor Njuguna runs a children’s program called Elroi Hope Center (Leroy:Elroi – see our God!!! El Roi is also a Hebrew name for God – ‘The God Who Sees me”).

The officer introduced us to her and she smiled. Took out her phone and showed use a photo of our baby taken that morning. Ok…here we all broke down and wept as we went into a worship session to the One Who sees us. Kitty ran to the gate saying she would only let up when she saw Leroy. We talked a bit with Susan. She reassured us over Leroy’s well being and that we would go home with him that night.

We got into a very noisy matatu headed to Mihang’o to meet a lady called Maggie who would give us our child. She is a child officer in Komarock. We kept asking the conductor if we were there yet. While alighting the conductor gave further directions to the police station
Vukeni barabara na mupenye hako ka chum hiyo pande ingine. Tembeeni mpaka mwisho utaona kwa polisi.” before whistling sharply and banging the matatu with his hand and taking off. We laughed at this delightful way of showing us the way. ‘Ka chum…”ย ย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜….An elderly light skinned lady smiled at us and repeated the instructions in proper Swahili – telling us basically to walk through a path on the opposite side of the road till its end.

It was now about 7pm…and we were at the edge of Kayole. With no idea where we were and how we would get back home…just knowing that we had to have Leroy with us when we did.

We called Maggie and she came to us and led us into the police station. We met with the Child Officer attached to this station – Nduta – who had was already well on her way home before she was called back to assist us in releasing Leroy. They verified Kitty’s relationship with Leroy and then went to get him. Here Kitty broke and wept. And we all joined her when Leroy walked in. He too was in tears. Quietly, gently. We lifted up praise and the police must have taken a photo then.

Back home Leroy’s Nanny and little sisters met us with tearful hugs and we sung along 70201976_888728864819658_5975010660830937088_o.jpgwith a neighbor and praised God. He is worthy. He is Worthy.

We are so grateful for the destiny helpers He sent to protect Leroy on the two nights he was alone, and yesterday (For all who prayed, were kind to him, kept him for us, may you experience The God of Leroy in very special ways in your lives. To Soweto Police, Tassia Police Post, Buruburu Police Station, Kayole Police Station, DO’s Office Kayole, By Grace Children’s Home Kayole, And ESPECIALLY TO Missing Child Kenya, Child officers Maggie (Komarock) and Nduta (Kayole), Susan Owuor Njuguna (Elroi) and the Askari’s who sheltered him Monday night, as well as Denno the bodaboda angel who pointed us to look towards Kayole, to Shukri and Nancy… May God raise you and yours up to Himself to shower you with His Glory in every way. Thank you. Thank You ABBA.).

Truly grateful to Nancy, Sammy and their family for coming to take us home๐Ÿ™Œ…that’s how we did it and for everyone who prayed, called, searched with us, encouraged us…God bless you.

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