Today I need My Friend : A Tribute to Carol Atieno

Today, I need a friend, who will pass by home with a packet of milk, go straight to the kitchen and make us both a cup of tea.Who will sit by me and tell me about her day,who will stand with my children when am not able to; who will pray with/for me, my family,my country; who will stand with me when she percieves am under a threat, cry with me, laugh with me, and when I cant pray for myself call to say “ praying for you/that is my word too/lets stand on God’s promise.”

I need a friend who will not judge me, who will listen and pray even when she doesnt fully understand what am about. Who is not afraid to sit in the candleLight with me when KPLC withdraws their priviledges or when the landlord is angry and coming at me. A friend who loves me whether I have or dont, and treats me honestly either way. I need a friend who will do battle with me on my knees because the country or church or an individual is in trouble, and who will sometimes change her plans to fit in an appointment with God and I. A friend with whom worship is never about the just the pew but the floors of our houses – where the time taken, was not an issue.

I need a friend who will listen to Leroy and Shuku and hear them in a way am unable…and because she loves me too, tell me what they were saying. I need a friend who will hold devotions with my children when I am away, and teach them from The Heart of God exaclty what they needed to hear for the day. I need a friend who will translate me to my children, because she has heard me and she loves them.

I need a friend who will keep me focused on God The Answer. Today I need a friend who will not take this day for granted…this battle as a small one because I have faced it before..but who will hold my hand and bring me before The Throne of God…and say “Let’s Ask God about that” and then do. Today I need to tell my friend, that my friend has died…and that I have felt weak, cold, unable to move, and could she hold my hand so we could go where people go when their friends are gone?

The usual one left two months ago and is attending an eternal worship service in Heaven. Rest Carol jaber…rest. I dont know if you wear heals in heaven…but I can almost hear yours as you click click click and push past the gate, up the stairs to my old place. I will see you in the morning…

About viphealthyleadership
I am a friend of God, who loves to listen to, and talk to Him and write to and through Him. My prayer concerns revolve mainly around homes and nations, and how Christ's wounded warriors can arise and get involved again in the building of these and in the repairwork needed to restore these to their God-intended glory. I believe that true and effective leadership, can only come from those who have been wounded, recognised their wounds for what they are, and have allowed God to heal these and make them stronger in loving the ones they would lead. I am a mother of two: Leroy and Shukurani and a grandmother of one - Giovanni Gett.

2 Responses to Today I need My Friend : A Tribute to Carol Atieno

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  2. Oguttu says:

    whoa, deep stuff there…the writing is on the wall, clear for all to see…in Him we live, move and have our being…man disappoints, God appoints…all that is great is by grace, for it is God willing to do and to be Our Lord!…over to you, sail away in His everlasting arms…

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