Week of Passion…and Possible Divorce

First week of April. 2012.  In my mind – the fourth of twelve days.  

The last week of March had been both harrowing and victorious. The victory had been in the joyful and unabated Pilgrim-ing despite the strong winds trying to push me down, backward. There were days when the unbelief was so strong, I was sure I would die from it. In those two weeks I have heard both snide and gentle voices telling me how hopeless my course in God was, and that I needed to go back and do the ‘normal’ thing like other normal people. Standing out was too much of a challenge, and not just to me. It disturbed their peace…and their peace was what was important. Not God, not my eternal destiny, nor the destiny of my family, and definitely not the work of God. Over and over I heard the voices echoed now in my own mind, and many mornings and nights, I went to sleep and woke up almost believing them. 

So God woke me up this morning…and gently whispered, “Vip I want you to remember what week this is. It is a week of passion, but it could also be a week of divorce.” Interesting. This week is one in which we are reminded of God’s ultimate Passion for you and for me. A week of Love at its best. A giving love that basically turned Himself inside out to show you that there was nothing held back.

But. But there were other things about this week; things that replay themselves today in the lives of many of us who truly love Him. It was the week that one of His twelve best friends and constant companions chose money over Him. Tell me, has money or the lack of it judged you as wanting in the last few days? Have your loved ones turned their backs on you, possibly because an association with you offers no prospect of financial growth? Have your loved ones given your place in their lives to someone else for the glitter and glory this someone else would shine on their lives that you dont? Dont let it preoccupy you unnecessarily – their very action will catalyse for you a series of events that may initially seem harmful to you, but will ultimately lead to greater regard for you. Much greater than you could dare to hope for or imagine. As for their destiny, and the glow promised by their new associations, and their slight but shortlived advancement, dwell a little on Judas’ end. I hope it will inspire compassion in you, to reach out and prevent them from ending up like him. Its God’s way – Love’s way. 

Of the huge gang at dinner, to the three sleeping friends a distance from the praying Jesus, to the one who followed from a distance but ultimately denied Him thrice, it looks like Jesus’ social circle – the inner circle, thinned significantly as He faced His defining moment. Many hurt for Him, but virtually none is recorded as having valiantly and convincingly stood up for Him. He was on His own. Three years of irrefutable demonstrations of His Lordship over the elements, and His love for His friends and the world He created – and the closest to Him at this defining moment were the jeering crowds, the rough soldiers, and a man compelled to help Him carry His cross the rest of the narrowing way because he just happened to be watching from the crowds. Where are your friends and family this week? You are blessed if you can answer my question jubilantly. But for you who are facing your calvaries, you probably know where Christ was this day. You have done all for them, laid down your life and dignity, stood by them as friends when others wondered how you could allow them into your inner circle…and now it seems that your critics knew your loved ones better than you. They are nowhere near you. You and I know, that here, you cant really change course, your end is determined for you. A wo/man needs his/her friends around them on days like these.

 Whats going on with Jesus’ friends? They had thought He was impervious, and yet here He was more than touched and bruised by mere men. They had thought He had the ability to know what is in people’s minds; but here He was, betrayed by one of His own friends. They had seen Him walk through hostile crowds unharmed, but here He was naked, beaten, bleeding and crowned with thorns; at the mercy of those that could not reach Him. How did this fit into the faith they had held, that He, Son of David was their source of liberty? Three years away from their careers, knowing that He was the driver of Glory Train, leading them on a one way track to Glory Land. How did a cross on His back help them now? Was this what they had given up everything for? Dont tell me you dont feel like this sometimes. Especially if you have been called out to serve Him. You have lost everything, and hoped to gain everything more from Him. And yet, He seems defeated, vulnerable, you have seen your enemies and His take on the upper Hand over Him. You are dissapointed, heart broken, friend of God, bride of Christ, is thinking of a way to secretly divorce Him, just like Joseph had hoped to – on noticing Mary’s pregnancy. You are tired. You have prayed. You have seen Him do it for others, and yet the closer you leaned towards Him, the more naked you felt. You cant quite put into words what you expected from Him…but this was not it. You are going to lie low for a while, think up a story  to explain the three year gap in your Resume. And then you are going to get your old job and old friends back. By the end of the week.

  But if only you were able to see Sunday from today, next Monday too. If you were able to watch this from God’s Heart and Mind, you would see the depth of Passion, the abandon defined by this week. Beyond the horror of it, would you see the powerful, gentle, pure, unabated, unyielding, forceful, love gushing your way? Re-defining you as LOVEABLE. Would you realize that this was the only way possible for you to ride on Glory Train to the real Glory Land? You cannot give up now? You cannot go back to your old haunts. Sunday is coming. Its Ressurection day. And the promise lives on from Isaiah 35.

And the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose;
It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice,
Even with joy and singing.
The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it,
The excellence of Carmel and Sharon.

And the ransomed of the Lord shall return,
And come to Zion with singing,
With everlasting joy on their heads.
They shall obtain joy and gladness,
And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”

 A reminder…There is a Sunday coming, and a Monday. And in those days, you will look back at today…and know for sure, that you have been loved thoroughly, through a Week of Passion.



About viphealthyleadership
I am a friend of God, who loves to listen to, and talk to Him and write to and through Him. My prayer concerns revolve mainly around homes and nations, and how Christ's wounded warriors can arise and get involved again in the building of these and in the repairwork needed to restore these to their God-intended glory. I believe that true and effective leadership, can only come from those who have been wounded, recognised their wounds for what they are, and have allowed God to heal these and make them stronger in loving the ones they would lead. I am a mother of two: Leroy and Shukurani and a grandmother of one - Giovanni Gett.

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