Waiting for a miracle

I have seen a lot of those lately. Friends around me, rising out of impossible situations, and yet each time I find myself on the verge of a miracle, I balk. I worry…i.e. I sin, by fighting that refusal to believe that God really is Powerful and that He does care about me and mine.

My daughter has been fasting for the last 13 days. Knowing that I had been out of work a lot, and that finances just are not tying in, she and I prayed, waited, and then believed  God for a place in a Christian University in Kenya. Yes, the cost was high, yes those that had promised to stand by us, abandoned ship as soon as they saw the invoice, but that did not dampen our faith that this is God wants for her. She is to report tomorrow, and she does not even have a suitcase to put her things into, the transport to get there, let alone the fees…and all the logistical costs. I had asked God to open up Monday for me to take her. And He has. Its just that…how long does it take God to perform a miracle? It does not help that her older brother has been out of school since October due to fee arrears. In their anger, more than once, they have said to me, that I am not a good mother. I believe them.

Baby boy is unwell, Malaria and Typoid, in his room. At least  God provided for him to go to the lab, and for treatments. He will also heal him. Baby girl is weeping in her room. She fasts until tomorrow – and we had known that this was a special indication of God’s favor. So tonight, my heart breaks over my children. For despite my shortcomings, aside from God, there is no one I love as I do them, and my not being able to provide…How long does it take God to move and change one’s circumstances? Please hold my babies tonight, encourage them and come through for them.


About viphealthyleadership
I am a friend of God, who loves to listen to, and talk to Him and write to and through Him. My prayer concerns revolve mainly around homes and nations, and how Christ's wounded warriors can arise and get involved again in the building of these and in the repairwork needed to restore these to their God-intended glory. I believe that true and effective leadership, can only come from those who have been wounded, recognised their wounds for what they are, and have allowed God to heal these and make them stronger in loving the ones they would lead. I am a mother of two: Leroy and Shukurani and a grandmother of one - Giovanni Gett.

2 Responses to Waiting for a miracle

  1. C.J. Penn says:

    I’m praying for you and your children.

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