Called to be God’s Arrow

This past Monday, God was teaching me about arrows. Actually about how to be an arrow. He reminded me that the primary task for arrows, is to simply, be arrows. To surrender to the hand of the warrior to whom they belong. Let me help you here, by starting over;

    “As arrows are in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. Happy, blessed, and fortunate is the man whose quiver is filled with them! They will not be put to shame when they speak with their adversaries [in gatherings] at the [city’s] gate.” Psalm 127:4-5

See what [an incredible] quality of love the Father has given (shown, bestowed on) us, that we should [be permitted to] be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are! The reason that the world does not know (recognize, acknowledge) us is that it does not know (recognize, acknowledge) Him.

1 John 3:1

So if sons are like arrows, and I, Vip, am a son of God…then I am also called to be an arrow…then I have no place deciding the what, how, ifs and whens. I submit to His choosing, His placing in a particular quiver, His maintenance,  and the timing of His using me. I dont jostle and edge others out of my way to better strategise…I have no ability to do that. I am called to remain still. And wait.

When His Hand picks me out of the quiver, and leaves others waiting there, I need to…’ be processed into a useful arrow head or else my pride will direct my head away from the target’.  He strings me to His bow, and I am first of all pulled back – through humbling trials, fires, floods, storms…whatever He chooses or allows. The further back He draws me, will determine both the velocity and the distance that He is targeting. How He holds me and releases me also determines where I land.

As The perpetual Victor, He may get to pick me up and restore me into His quiver. For another day, another place, another battle…but I am and remain an arrow in the quiver is God. So just in case you are wondering who I am, my name is Vip, princess in The Courts of The King of kings, but more accurately; I am an arrow in the quiver of Jehovah Tseboath. His Hand is Faithful and Sure, and He will never have cause to hang His Head over where he has fired me to. Because it is all about Him, not me. My Father, The Lord God Almighty – The One Who cannot be defeated. I belong to His quiver.

Giving Kenya Back to God: Ruling from our Knees

Image Its the 12th day of the 5th month of the year. For those who love numbers and their symbolism…12 is the number of Governance and 5 that of Grace. So Grace and Governance marked my day today. I love Kenya…my country. I think, no, I am convinced that God is Wisdom and that that wisdom is magnificently illustrated by the country in which He placed me, to belong.  I love Kenya, warts and all. And as often happens when we love passionately, intimately, we become acquainted devastatingly with clay feet. And a broken heart.

So today I was out doing something about Kenya’s broken heart, and mine too. Let me start over. This has been one of those weeks where my own life reflected everything that ails my country. Family, economy, education, disillusionment, extreme fatigue. My Mami Rose and I had one of those phone conversations where she enthused about a prayer movement for Kenya, and I listened politely. Loving what was happening but unable to summon the energy to be as excited. The God Bless Kenya Prayer Movement ( were having a interdenominational Christian conference at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, for the three days preceeding today’s ceremony. I was with them in praying, fasting and in spirit…but from the other end of town.

In the evening I got this call from my big sister Rosemary, who had just seen my post on my Facebook wall urging people to join us as we prayed Kenya back to where she was meant to be by God. She is in the United States and was emphatic that I had to be at Uhuru Park so she that could stand with me in Spirit. I love the way my sister loves God. And I responded by telling her that I would go ‘if God is willing’. She responded by telling me that ‘God had willed it’. I did not tell her that my going depended on God showing Himself strong by providing me transport as well as holding the skies so it would not rain. The paths to the main road from where I live, are clay mud paths filled with rain water from the overwhelming blessing of rain that God has poured on us. Treacherous to say the least. The site of many miracles for me in the past week, miracles regarding this rainy season are content for another post…but suffice it to say, that last night, I kept praying that it would be okay with God if I just prayed from my room.

Image Only one of my neighbours has a car…occassionally. And last night, he got home at midnight. At around 4am I was woken up by the sound of his car, struggling to start. Man against machine, the battle went on for about 45minutes as I tried hard not to hear what God was telling me, and to fight a comfortable position to get back to sleep on. But I heard Him ‘Thats your ride to the event Vip”…and am like “You cant mean that. I just slept two hours ago and my legs will not be able to manage the feat of carrying me around fast enough for me to get ready at this time of the night.” The roar of the engine and the still soft voice of God “Thats your ride to the event Vip.” I was fully awake, in my mind, but my body remained glued to the bed. After 45minutes, the man surrendered to the stubboness of the machine and thankfully went back to bed. Relief worked as a sedative for me and the next time I woke up I was sure it was 10am and I was late. Painful relief in my waking minutes because I sensed the silence of Heaven. I asked God, “Do you really want me to go?” He was silent. I looked at my phone and found that it was only 9am. The car and my neighbour were at it again. I moved to the window and asked “Isdor, have you tried water?”. “No, Mami, it was actually fuel, and I have just refueled so I should be good to go.” ” Are you going to work today?” “Yes, Mami”. “I need to get to Uhuru Park, can I hike along?” “Sure, just be ready by 10am latest.” I smiled…my mind was still foggy. “God what do I wear?” But by 10am, I was ready to go. And at 10:10, Isdor was asking my son Leroy at the door “Is your Mami ready?” Jam, jam and more jam later…I was at Uhuru Park by 12:10pm. Still wondering what my being there would really mean to the event.

I sat on the grass with about perhaps 4000 other Kenyans, and faced a podium of about half that number. “LORD God, I am here. I am not a crowds person but was paradoxically glad to be here for this particular event. My true concerns formulated my initial prayers in those historic grounds..”Please protect us. Thank You for the police at the park entrance and their vigilance. But thank You mostly for being here, and for Heaven’s Hosts present here. Make this day about You my Father. Make this day about You.” And I settled to listen.

I missed a lot because I found out I had not carried a pen with me. But an usher gave me one of hers, so I will tell you what I learnt after that. Pastor Simon Mbevi, MC and Convenor/Vision Bearer of The God Bless Kenya Movement led us in prayer through Psalm 46. And then a Bishop from Eldoret gave a short devotion based on Acts 17:24 – 28. He told us not to imagine that nations were the creation of politicians, because they were really the creation of God. He reminded us that because of this; each nation has a redemptive purpose from the Heart of God. When a nation moves from this purpose it gets into trouble. He asked the church to pray that God would guide the Leadership of the Nation, to lay plans according to His original plan in order that we can be sure of Heaven’s Backing.

The Bishop told us that many times in history God had caused catastrophic occurences from the human perspective in order to return nations back to His original purpose for creating them. He listed Noah’s Flood, the commotion at Babel, The scorching of Sodom and Gomorah as well as Jonah’s marine woes as some examples. He said that God was going to raise up a strong prophetic voice that may stumble some. Many of these prophets would be a shock to the church and the nations because they would not be the ‘usual’ refined prophets we know…but they will be chosen by God for this. He said God was raising His sons and daughters who would not compromise and get into sin, as sin has the effect of derailing a nation from its redemptive purpose. These children and prophets of God would not be interested in money or fame but would be driven by the desire to see the Will of God manifested in the Nation.

He concluded by saying that it was necessary to dedicate Kenya because:

Once dedicated, it becomes the concern of God. God would now fight for Kenya against all her enemies. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel was now the God of Kenya, and as is characteristic of God, anyone that rises up against one of His, must prepare to face off with Him. After today, the writing was on the wall for all Kenya’s enemies.

ImageThe country had entered into bondage due to defilement of those, who for selfish gain, have dedicated her to the diabolical. We would ask, as we dedicated Kenya, that God would free her from all that had bound and defiled her and restore her to His original purpose for her.

It was also necessary to dedicate Kenya back to God because the quality of life lived by a nation is given to them by God. When we choose to follow satan we suffer incessantly; when we choose to follow God we prosper. We would choose God for Kenya as every nation that gave themselves to God were blessed by God.

We went through a time of prayer…and also committed to prayer and fasting every Friday for the nation. As we did, I actually felt in my own body, weights falling off me. We raised an altar for God that would be a permanent feature in the city. Fireworks, balloons and the national anthem marked the conclusion of the event. As the balloons blew off, they symbolically hovered over State House area to the amusement of those standing around me.  The event ended for me at 3pm. AS I left, I got a text message from a close friend of mine. We had been praying for the daughter of her friend who had been kidnapped on Thursday evening from college. “thanks for prayer. My friend’s daughter was released! We thank God.” That for me did it…Kenya is free. God does answer prayer…and there is nothing too difficult for Him.Image

Thank You LORD for this day..


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