Do The Women in Your Life Know Who and Whose They Are?

Tell me, do the women in your life, know the power and authority of God in which they live and move and have their being?

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Dear God, Do You Have Other Sons Aside From These?

Okay girls, I know especially for the single and searching, this may be a question you ask often as life presents you with options: tall and handsome, but not the choice of God. Impressive, doing well for himself, but not the choice of God. Has great potential if they found someone dedicated enough to do the mining, buffering, filling, and ordering, but still, not the choice of God. After several resumes are presented, interviews conducted, you re-advertise for that vacancy in your life. And you go through the same drama all over again, until you are convinced that there is something worse about you than these excellent displays of manhood – there must be. Surely, everyone that could be an option NEEDS to be in this same room at this same time! Surely, everyone that could be an option, must have heard about the search, the interviews and availed themselves for such a high price.

A sad thing that we do, is that we get convinced that there is something wrong about the standards we have set based on our knowledge of ourselves, our circumstances, our life purpose and needs that are valid. Many get exasperated and settle for the tall handsome one who looks like he not only has great potential but is already doing well for themselves. Then they settle into the horror of the realization that ‘themselves’ is the ‘only who’ for whom their chosen ones have any intention of ‘doing well’. No one else matters. By then though, you have entered into a life binding contract, from which any retreat, often has the effect of making you look blotched and him, more handsome and appealing because no one else can see what you fled from. Ahem, or perhaps, the only reason you could get him, was because the others had seen what you have lived and would not have touched him with anyone they cared about’s pole, let alone their own 10 foot one.

Anyway, since this blog is about Living and Leading, am not just discussing marriage and romance; I am going back to the original context of these words, 1 Samuel 16. They were directed to a father, who had a splendid display of sons, one of whom, was God’s choice for Israel’s King. But he was not in the room where the obvious choices were being made. He was not appropriately networked, packaged or branded for the office of national leadership. In fact, the only things he seemed to be trusted with, by those who knew him best – his father and brothers, were the family’s herds. And if God had not pushed the prophet further, and reminded him of the peril of his previous choice, David would have remained among the herds probably. But God is Sovereign…everything happens for His Purposes. And often, He is behind your searching, exasperation, and the decision to advertise again, so you can be sure you have ‘your man’ so to speak. Your rightful King, President, CEO, Pastor, Husband…Wife, Queen.

So here we are again, on the verge of National choice yet again. Some of you have gone past it, and have new leaders. I hope you heard God and waited for the shepherd boy to be brought in and anointed King before you put your feet up and considered your civic duty done for your country. Do you think, your nation needs, even deserves, a King that is chosen by God? Do you think that leader would lead your country to be the best, because The Creator of All that is Excellent is responsible for his or her ascent to that seat? Is there work needed, taxing work, to push your nation to become all that God created it to be, and there is need for a man rightly anointed and appointed to lead that work? Are you conscious, with acute soundness of mind of the amount of work needed, the tightness of time, and the kind of person needed to catalyze and sustain this as a mirror of God creative and redemptive work? Have you sometimes sat down and looked up , and cried out to God ‘Do you have another option? Are these what we HAVE TO work with?’ You know you yourself could never do the work, but you have an inkling of what is needed “Oh God do you have other sons aside from me and these? Do you still have a purpose for my country? Is it ending or is it beginning?”

I mentioned the prophet and his last choice? The tallest, handsomest man with the tendency to care for self, and to elevate self above all else? Sometimes I listen to us discuss the choices we made in our leaders, and I wonder, did we really push for God’s best, or did we settle for the one that looks a little better than us, can be manipulated to worse depravity than we think ourselves capable of if we so wish, the one with most aesthetically appealing external qualities, and then take the lead in calling in the lynch mob when they seem to disappoint us at some point during their endeavors?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we have now, the leadership that we chose and have sustained. We know their limitations, and have not often sought to build their capacity, but have weighed them down, with our scathing criticisms even when we have no idea why we do so, or what we ourselves truly want. Have we sought the Heart of God for our Nation? Have we heard His vision for our Nation? Have we sought Him for the team that would best work that vision into reality from the chaos we now are in? Have we sought Him, for who would lead this visionary team or do we simply decide and then try to manipulate His will into making things more comfortable for us? Do we really want our nation becoming, at the closest opportunity, what God had in mind, when He created it? Dear God, Do You have other sons and daughters aside from these in the room?


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