Getting Ready For my Marriage

Getting Ready For my Marriage.

Loving Our Leaders in Prayer

Heavenly Father, You create all nations. In answer to our prayers, and more importantly, in accordance to Your Purpose for a Nation, You promote and demote our leaders. Many times, these leaders do not look like anything we had in mind when we prostrate our lives before Your Throne. But You love us, and our nations more than we ever could. Your Mind and Ways are Higher than ours. Thank You for answering and sustaining Your Purposes for us, by being LORD over our Leaders.

Your Word commands us to honor, to pray for our leaders because it is You that appoints every authority. It does not matter whether they deserve it or not, that remains Your Command. Your Word warns us against doing any harm to them. Your Word says, that the heart of the king is in Your Hands, and that You direct it as a watercourse whichever way You Will. It is You Lord, Who both hardens and softens the hearts of our leaders for Your purposes. Either to build or tear down. Your Word calls us to find out what pleases You and incline our lives towards that. We desire Your blessing Lord. So today, I stand in the gap, to thank You for each and every authority You have set up and sustained over us.

We repent of the times when we have refused them honor until they manifested, changed to be who we want them to be – even when that is in conflict with who You intend them to be, for the times and seasons as You have decreed them. We commit them back to You, that You would work into them Your excellent purposes for our nations, and for us. Whether its a season of discipline or a season for comfort and thriving, we call You Lord, and submit to Your Excellence for us and our nations.

Just in case we forgot to thank You for our leaders after the last election, or whichever way they came to power, forgive us Lord God. Thank You for the Leaders You have blessed us with. Thank You because You chose well for us, and that good or bad, their legacy will be used by You to work out your Excellent will and Purpose for this our Nation. You Alone are God and we place our Governments, our Homes on the Shoulders of YHWH Emmanuel. For I have prayed these, seeking only Your Excellence, in His Name, in The Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior. Amen.


Before, Just before my heart remembered to love you

It recalled the pain it had felt when you last left

I can no longer remember why our story ended the last time

I must have thrown it into the sea of forgetfulness

But tonight my heart remembered some things

Though I dont know if they still mean the same thing.

My heart remembered the pain of not knowing what being with you was about

My heart remembered the thrill of holding your attention in a room full of greater beauties

My heart remembered dancing with you when there were greater dancers in the room

My heart remembered your strong gentle hands on my shoulders, kneeding away my tension

My heart remembered the look in your eyes as you listened to something I was saying as though it was profound

My heart remembered the look in your eyes as you gave…

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I am sitting here trying to find a synonym for Orgasm, so that I dont offend some by entitling this post; ‘Orgasmic Worship’. But it ts hard. No other word seems appropriate. Am simply trying to find a word that appropriatly captures that phenomenon of having gone beyond the mundane, beyond the veil in terms of bonding with God, and connecting explosively with Him in a way that He permeates your thoughts, actions, intentions, keeps you aglow and connected to Him for the rest of the while until you next engage in the act of intense adoration. So I have chosen the word ‘climatic’ because it wont stumble others…but between you and I, lets just say you know what am talking about.

Anyway, it was Wednesday night I think, or maybe Thursday and yet it felt like Monday or Tuesday. I was tired. I was sitting on the floor mat…

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Dancing God’s Way; To God’s Tune

The past week has been a distressing one for me. Mostly self inflicted. I fell again for the trick of trying to interpret my life into the diction of ‘what is acceptable’. I forgot that that defination is as varied as there are human beings alive. And that God warns us against placing our trust in men, their judgement of us, no matter what plain they are on.

I love the household of God. As a member am often put on the spot, sometimes by other members, but mostly by those who choose to stay out because they pick on something about a certain member or leader that they dont like/are uncomfortable with, as an excuse. Lately it has had to do with material things; the having or lacking of these. People will doubt your stand when you have a lot of stuff, and they will doubt your stand when you have a little stuff.  And when they perceive you to have no stuff, you are walking on fire! The thing God reminded me to do, is to focus on Him, as He is the One Who in His own wisdom, KNOWS my stand, and actually DISPENSED stuff as He chose to. Simple…

‎’They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another, saying:
We played the flute for you, And you did not dance;
We mourned to you, And you did not weep.’

FOR John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by all her children.”
Jesus Christ in Luke 7:32-35 and Mathew 11:18-19

Life is a dance…its a walking dance. A dancing pilgrim. Most of us try to determine for others how they should live, a way that responds to our own pulse, forgetting that God has given them their own. And that we ourselves have not yet mastered the very dance we prescribe for them. When we surrender to Him, we dance well: when we DEPEND ENTIRELY on the dictates of others, we miss the beat of our own lives as God made them to be. We no longer worship Him as we have been created to. We dance askew.

Let God be The One you follow, The One Who sets the tune for you to dance. However He manifests through your life and circumstances, there will still be MANY who doubt you and judge your life and doctrine according to codes made by man. Remember that many songs are born with their own dance style, many times because they cannot be danced in the styles gone by, sometimes, because the singer cannot dance. We however have One God Who writes the song, and sets the choreography for you…remain steady by remaining on Christ The Solid Rock for ALL OTHER GROUND is sinking sand.

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